Are Ants Showing Up In Your Home On Warm Days?

Odorous House Ant In St. Louis Home

The weather can’t seem to make up its mind here in St. Louis. Some days it is near 60 degrees and sunny, other days it’s snowing and in the 30s. Either way, Spring is drawing near and that means that St. Louis residents are beginning to see ants foraging in their kitchen or other areas of the home, especially on the warmer winter days we’ve been experiencing. Continue

Springtime Ant Prevention Tips For Missouri Homeowners

Ants Gain Access Into St. Louis Homes

If you think of ants when we say spring then you are not alone. Ants are one of the most common springtime pests and although they tend to be most active during the spring, they can be active throughout the entire year. There are many different types of ants but only a few pose a problem to St. Louis and Mid-Missouri homeowners.  Continue

Identifying The Small Ants In Your St. Louis Homes

Small Ants On St. Louis Property

If you are beginning to see ants in your home, you are not alone! As we enter the spring season and the weather finally warms up in St. Louis, ants will become more active which means an increased chance of foraging ants in the house and the formation of ant colonies on your property. Since there are so many different species of small ants out there, we wanted to make sure that you knew the ants most commonly found in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri. Continue

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