Tips To Avoid Bringing Ants Home From Your Picnic

ants on food

It is picnic season again, and there are many ways we find to add a picnic to our outdoor activities. When we go camping, we make a fire and have hotdogs, s'mores, and marshmallows. When we go to the beach, we cook cheeseburgers on the charcoal grill and bring some chips, potato salad, and other goodies to go with them. When we visit our friends, we often find ourselves firing up the gas grill and eating outside. Continue

What Is The Best Way To Ensure A Pest-Free Memorial Day BBQ?

family playing in a pest free yard in st louis

As you get to work planning your fantastic menu, thinking about where you're going to set up the picnic tables and tiki torches, are you also thinking about pest control? You should be. Whether it’s a Memorial Day BBQ or another summertime backyard event, get togethers are always nicer without pests bugging you. Here is a short guide to making all of your celebrations more enjoyable.  Continue

How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Kitchen This Summer

pavement ant on the ground in st louis

We recently visited a home with ants. Now, we’re not talking about just a few ants here or there, raiding the sugar bowl. We’re talking about ants EVERYWHERE! The homeowner didn’t even seem to be that bothered by them, because she had been dealing with them for so long. We can tell you- ants crawling around your cupboards, your dining room table, your bathroom and along every wall in your home is not something to shrug off. Continue

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