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What is your new years resolution? Are you promising to give up donuts this year? It is hard to keep resolutions! Here is a New Year's resolution that you don't even have to work at. You can pledge to have a pest free home in 2015, and Rottler can do all the hard work for you. However, if you would like to be part of the solution, here are some things you can do to detect and exclude pests from your home this year.

Routine inspections. Once in a while , do an inspection for a few common insect threats.

  • Bed bug inspection. Examine all the sheets on all the beds and see if there are any tiny blood stains. Inspect the seams and corners of all your mattress and box springs for black fecal residue. Keep an eye out for rashy mosquito-type bites that run in a line, or group. If you think that you might have detected evidence of bed bugs, have a professional complete a thorough inspection as quickly as possible. Bed bug populations grow quickly.

  • Wasp inspection. Walk around your home, garage, and shed. Look for nests under eaves, decks or playground equipment. If you catch wasp nests early, you can prevent stings in summer and fall.

  • Termite inspection. Subterranean termites are not something you ever want to mess around with. Inspect your garage and basement walls for the mud tubes these insects make. Look for damage on fences, patios, decks, stairs, and other outside wood structures. Keep an eye on window sills, for the gossamer wings termites leave when they come in swarms. We recommend year round termite monitoring for your home. Many pest management companies offer it as part of their general pest treatment plans.

Hide food sources. Food sources come in many varieties. By understanding what pests eat, you can better exclude them from your property and home.

  • Almost all pests like garbage. If you have an open trashcan outside, you are providing a food source and a breeding site for bugs.

  • Some bugs eat other bugs. For instance, if you draw in flying insects, you'll draw in the spiders that eat them. By replacing your outside white lights with yellow insect-resistant lights, you can reduce the population of insects around your home. Keeping your shades drawn at night will also help.

  • Wood eating insects are drawn in by mulch, firewood piles, construction materials, or rotting exterior walls. Wood rot is also appealing to rodents and ants.

Partner with Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions in 2015 and let their certified and educated staff show you how easy it is to naturally exclude bugs from your home. Your family and your home will be healthier for it.

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