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college students moving into their dorm room in st louis

With the fall semester right around the corner, now is the time to start packing clothes and purchasing books. And while many college kids and parents may be under the assumption that they will be arriving to a nice clean, pest free dorm room, there is still a threat of sneaky bed bugs. Even after the room has sat vacant all summer, bed bugs remain a threat to dorm rooms in college campuses all across the country.

The good news is that by regular room inspections as well as a few other tricks to keep bed bugs away, your college student is much less likely to have a run in with these blood sucking pests. The bed bug experts at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions would like to offer a guide for college kids and bed bugs in the dorm.

Signs of Bed Bugs in the Dorm

  • dark blood spots on the mattress or bedding

  • small fecal spots left behind after bed bugs feed

  • bed bug 'shells' that are shed as bed bugs grow

  • actual live or dead bed bugs

  • reports of tiny red bites on skin (usually upon waking)

Dorm Room Bed Bug Prevention

  1. Consider purchasing mattress encasements to keep any bed bugs currently in the mattress from escaping; you can also purchase laundry bags that ward off bed bugs

  2. Avoid cluttering the room and keep your belongings and clothing up off the floor

  3. Always hang coats and towels on a rack

  4. Vacuum the dorm room regularly and make sure to reach hidden areas like under the bed and behind furniture

  5. Be vigilant and continue to inspect for bed bugs throughout the semester

This is not your typical packing and supply list but this guide will help prevent serious problems with campus wide bed bug infestations. Due to the amount of traveling that goes on in a typical college campus including long weekends, vacations, semester changes and studying abroad, it’s no wonder that dormitories are a major threat for bed bugs just as hotels can be.

So, what if you do identify bed bugs in your dorm? Contact your RA or school authorities immediately. Due to the ease of bed bugs traveling on clothing and through tiny wall spaces, they can quickly spread, infesting multiple rooms.

For more information on bed bugs and bed bug control, please contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions today. We offer safe and effective bed bug solutions including K9 bed bug inspections and eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments to locate and eliminate these pests quickly and efficiently. 

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