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Winter Raccoon Problems

When the snow is finally piled on the ground, and icicles are hanging from the eaves, it is only natural to think that pest season is over. Sadly, there is no one season for pests. You can have problems with bugs and wildlife in all four seasons. Winter is no exception. In fact, there are some factors in winter that make it more likely that you will have pests invade your property. Today we're going to talk about one pest in particular, and the two winter conditions that can drive these furry bandits to become pests on your property.


There is no greater attractant for pests than a food source. All year long, raccoons will come into our yards and feed on the vegetables in our gardens, fruit from our trees, and leftovers from our trash cans. If you have food in your yard, these omnivores will be more than happy to come and dine.

In winter, natural food sources are more limited. There isn't likely to be berry bushes ripe for the picking, or fruit hanging on the trees. That means raccoons are going to have to focus on getting food where they can get it, which is usually dumpsters and trash cans. So this is a good time of year to make sure your cans are in a secure place and that your lids have a lock or bungee cord holding them on tight.


As with food, raccoons search for appropriate habitats all year long. They'll hide in outbuildings and sheds, underneath porches and decks, up in the attic, and more. If you have a secure and secluded place for them to live, they may take you up on the offer. But, it is just as easy for them to live in a hollowed out tree or the abandoned burrow of another animal.

In winter, the heat radiating from your home may be too much for a raccoon to pass up. And, if you have a dryer exhaust coming out underneath a porch, deck, or patio, you're putting out the welcome mat. Raccoons are warm-blooded creatures and, even though they have fur, they prefer a cozy warm hole to one that is chilly.

When the cold of winter makes food, water, and habitat options scarce, raccoons may choose your home to find refuge. With a little help from Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, you can keep those raccoons out. If you already have a raccoon problem, let the experienced and educated wildlife control technicians at Rottler safely remove the animal from your property.

When winter raccoon problems arise, you can always count on Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. Contact us for a quick resolution.

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