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bed bug crawling in st. charles home

By now you've probably heard of bed bugs. We're sure you know that they are blood-eating insects that can torment people with bites while they sleep, but are you aware that bed bugs live almost exclusively with us? That means you're not going to pick them up when you take a walk on a nature trail. It also means they're not going to crawl into your yard and squeeze through a tiny hole in your exterior walls to get to you. Bed bugs are carried from one place to another by people. That is why tourism in St. Charles can lead to bed bug problems.

Another important piece to the puzzle is that bed bugs can be on anyone. These bugs don't just live with dirty people. They can live with the cleanest of people. Bed bugs aren't attracted to filth and bacteria. The reason bed bugs have been linked to dirty people is that bed bugs themselves are dirty bugs. They leave black feces, shed skins, and excreted blood in the areas they infest. But, when these pests infest a place that is out of view (which they prefer to do) clean people don't realize they have an infestation.

There is a third piece to this puzzle. It has to do with how long it can take for people to realize they have bed bugs in their home. Initial bites from immature nymphs can go unnoticed. This is how an infestation is allowed to grow into a nightmare before a family reaches out to a pest control company. It is also how bed bugs are able to spread. A family that has acquired bed bugs can go on vacation and bring bugs with them without realizing it. When they visit St. Charles in the summer (which they prefer to do) they help to increase our bed bug problems.

When bed bugs take root in the summer, especially in a home or business that is not temperature controlled, they can grow their populations fast because heat and humidity give these insects what they need to thrive.

What can you do to protect your St. Charles home from bed bugs? Since these bugs are sneaky and hard to detect, it is a good idea to hire a pest control company to assist you. At Rottler, we offer K9 bed bug inspections for quick detection of these bugs. Whether you need some items checked before you bring them back into your home when you return from a trip, or you need routine inspections to make sure these insects don't get a chance to take root, we have your back. And, if you ever have an infestation, our team knows what is necessary to ensure complete elimination. Give us a call today to learn more about our bed bug control options.

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