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home decorated in christmas lights

Do you love the twinkle of Christmas? Do you enjoy the glow of the holidays? Well, that glow doesn't happen all by itself, does it? It takes hours of complicated work. You have to go up into the attic, drag the boxes down, hope that all of the lights were put away neatly and, if they weren't, spend hours untangling the mess. Once that's done, you'll be getting out the ladder and going around your entire home foot by foot, climbing and stapling as you go. This will be followed by a moment of truth. If you plug it in or flick a switch and there is nothing but darkness, you'll be spending more time trying to figure out why. On top of all this, you may be dealing with the weather, if you wait too long or winter comes early. That means chilly wind, slippery snow, and other miserable holiday wreckers. How about you give yourself an early Christmas gift and hire someone else to string those lights up for you? Yes. That's a thing! In fact, lots of people hire a professional to take care of their holiday lighting.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • When you have the professionals do it, you don't have to worry about slipping from your ladder and ending up with a broken bone for Christmas.

  • If you go big or go home, you probably spend a ton of time and hard work getting those lights up. That means you're going to have a sore back for a few days. But, when you get someone else to do it, they're the ones who get the sore backs. And, if they get hurt, their insurance has to cover it, not yours.

  • Professionals use top-of-the-line outdoor lights that are made to last, even through harsh weather.

  • Professionals know what prep is needed and how to apply lighting so that those lights come on when the switch is flicked. But, they also know how to do it so that the lights don't go off again--along with every other light on your block.

  • Rottler has decorated thousands of St. Louis homes and we have a reputation for quality service. And, we don't just do lights. We'll take care of garlands, wreaths, bows, and tree decorations too. All designed to your specifications.

Take a break this Christmas and spend that time with family. Play some games. Watch a classic Christmas movie. Drink some eggnog. And let Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions take care of your holiday display. Schedule now and you'll be ready to flick those lights on as soon you start feeling the Christmas cheer begin to rise up in your bones. The professionals at Rottler are standing by to help.

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