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Why Silverfish Seek Shelter In Your Home

In spring, summer, and fall, people around the country tend to spend lots of time outside, enjoying the wilderness, the beach, the golf courses, their own backyards; but when temperatures begin to drop in late fall, many of these folks seek shelter and warmth next to a cozy fire, under a nice warm blanket, or just generally inside where the heat is on. Humans aren't the only creatures who tend to do this. The same is true for bugs. Insects, like the silverfish, that are content to be outside in warmer weather, will start seeking shelter when the temperatures start to drop.

silverfish on light gray background


If silverfish make it into your home, you are likely to find them hiding out in warm, dark places, perhaps near an oven, furnace, fireplace, or maybe near your dryer, beds, or any other warm place. It is easy to identify a silverfish. They get their name because of their silver color and from the way they move in a fish-like manner across surfaces. They have a teardrop shape, are flat, and have three thread-like tails at the top of their abdomen. Another identifying feature of a silverfish is the fact that their bodies are covered with slippery, flexible scales that protect them from other insects. Although these are fascinating creatures, they are not an insect you want infesting your home since they pose a danger to books, wallpaper, clothing, draperies, documents, and other belongings.

Steps you can take to keep silverfish from invading your home this coming fall:

  • Seal up gaps and cracks. Silverfish and other insect pests can squeeze through tiny gaps and cracks in your foundation and outside walls. Carefully inspecting your home and sealing up holes using a caulking gun can go a long way in keeping insects out. Make sure to pay close attention to areas around pipes, air conditioning units, wires, and the like.

  • Consider replacing moist mulch around your home with dry crushed rock, gravel, or any other substance that does not retain moisture. Silverfish and other insects love wet areas.

  • Trim trees, bushes, and other vegetation away from your foundation and walls. Pests love to use these things as bridges.

  • Keep your home dry. Silverfish love moisture. Drying out the air with fans and dehumidifiers will help deter them from staying. Also, look for leaks in fixtures such as sinks, tubs, toilets, or pipes, and repair them. If silverfish don't find any areas of moisture in your home, they aren't likely to survive long.

What to do once silverfish have invaded your home:

If you are noticing silverfish in your house and if you are in our extensive coverage area, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions is the answer you are looking for. Silverfish, no matter how extensive the infestation, are no match for the trained professionals here at Rottler. We'll get those silverfish, and any other invading pests, out of your home, and keep them out. So, you can enjoy your nice warm fire and cozy blanket without having to worry about pests this fall.

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