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Have you ever seen one of those shows that pit man against nature? Well, men don't have anything on mice. Mice do quite well in the wild. But, if given the choice between struggling to find food, water, and shelter in the wild or having a nice cozy place to live, men and mice will both chose the nice cozy place every time. That is why mice problems in our Ashland homes don't go away on their own. Here is a little more insight you should have about mice problems.

You can make your home less comfortable for those mice. If you prevent mice from getting a bite to eat, you could drive them out. You can do this by:

  • Keeping your trash in a container with a sealed lid.
  • Putting stored foods in plastic containers, including dog and cat food. (If it comes in paper, plastic, or cardboard, keep it protected. Mice can chew their way in.)
  • Putting dishes in soapy water rather than next to the sink in a stack. (Mice love leftovers.)
  • Keeping fruit in the fridge.
  • Laying food out for your pets only during mealtime.

You can make your home less inviting to mice by making it hard for them to find a drink. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Never leave cups of liquid lying around.
  • Fix any leaky plumbing in your home, especially dripping faucets.
  • Don't pet leave water bowls out overnight.

If you make it harder for mice to find food and water in your home, they may choose to live somewhere else. But, when mice find food and water resources on your property, they may live in your home and forage outside your walls, taking advantage of the safety your home provides from predators and the warmth it has during the cold winter months.

Are you seeing mice in your Ashland home? Do you know the signs to look for? If you do see mice, it is important to understand that those mice have good reasons to stay in your home for good. So you're going to have to do something get rid of them. The best solution is to have rodent control as part of your ongoing pest control service.

At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we know how important it is to keep mice out. That is why rodent control is part of our Signature Pest Protection plan. When you have ongoing Signature Protection, you don't have to add rodents; you're already covered. Reach out to us today and request a free inspection to find out what pests you're dealing with and find out all of the benefits that come with year-round Signature Pest Protection from Rottler.

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