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ant control advice for missouri

Spring has finally arrived, even though it is moving slowly and almost as if it is against its own will. Along with the arrival of spring, one hears the marching of a large army of ants. This is not just a few that accidentally stumbled onto your property but rather a massive army of untold thousands of ants invading your territory. There are so many ants that the grass looks like it is moving when in reality it is the migration of ants across your lawn and headed toward your house. Suddenly, you have ants in the house, ants in the kitchen and ants getting into everything in the path.

Your immediate question is, what makes ant control so difficult? One of the first reasons for the need of St. Louis pest control companies like Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions is that the task of extermination is too difficult for the homeowner as ants live in a colony that can literally number in the tens and even hundreds of thousands. The heavy volume of ants makes it a challenge to reach total extermination. Secondly, these huge colonies build in the most unusual of places. This could be deep underground or inside the walls of your home. Ants can build their colonies behind the cabinetry in your kitchen or even under the pavement in front of your home. Thirdly, selective killing with pesticides used by the homeowner is almost futile as this will only scatter the ants and not even come close to destroying the colony. Every ant must be destroyed or the colony will quickly repopulate itself and continue its invasion of your home.

The best and surest way to avoid ants is simply to not attract them onto your property or into your home. The first thing to do is seal up any points of entry. One simple yet very effective way is to seal off all cracks with the use of fibrous material and a caulking gun. This not only keeps the ants out but additionally, makes your home that much more energy efficient. Start cleaning every nook and cranny! Those pesky ants are entering your home for the sole purpose of searching for food sources. Clean cabinets and countertops, wipe down pantries, pull out and clean under ovens and refrigerators. Eliminate any opportunity for foraging inside the home.

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