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Why Flea Prevention Is Essential in Kansas City


Fleas are parasites that take mammals and birds as a host. In North America, the cat flea (ctenocephalides felis) is the most common flea, which infest both cats and dogs. So, they are a particular problem for homes, which have pets dwelling in them. But they are not limited to homes with pets. These fleas can also come into a home on rodents and other wildlife. No matter how they get in, they can become a serious problem. Let's take a look at this problem and see how it affects Kansas City residents.

Fleas Bite

While they prefer to be on furry creatures, they can bite humans as well. These bites are usually just itchy red welts surrounded by a red halo. These welts are often found on feet, ankles, and lower legs but they can be anywhere.


Sometimes flea bites can develop into a rash. When this happens, the area around bites can become inflamed and extremely itchy, which can lead to open sores and a bacterial skin infection.

Bald Patches

When flea bites plague a dog or cat, it can cause them to scratch. This can create dermatological issues, emotional distress, and loss of hair.

Murine Typhus

A common illness caused by fleas is murine typhus, which is usually caused by Rickettsia typhi or Rickettsia prowazekii bacteria. This bacterium can make dogs, cats, and humans sick. Symptoms in human usually begin within two weeks. These symptoms can include fever, body pain, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, coughing, and a loss of appetite.


When fleas infest a home, they can expose pets, children, and even adults to tapeworms. Exposure occurs when fleas are accidentally consumed, which can happen when a dog or cat chews their fur to get rid of fleas.


Fleas are frustrating pests because they reproduce quickly. Just when you think you've gotten rid of your infestation these insects can reappear in force.

Flea Control

If you're dealing with a new infestation or an old infestation that just won't go away, contact the Kansas City pest experts. The professionals here at Rottler can help you with all your pest control needs from mouse, to flea, to tapeworm. We employ trusted pest control strategies, green-pest solutions, and EPA-approved products to ensure proper management of pest creatures both big and small. Get started by scheduling a free pest inspection today.

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