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Why Choose Proactive Pest Control?

Have you heard the old adage, "the best defense is a good offense"? When it comes to insects and rodents invading your home, it couldn't be more true. Proactive pest control is the way to go.

Here is the problem with reactive pest control

Extermination costs more than prevention. Once bugs and rodents get into your home, it is hard to get them out. They hide deep in your walls and in spaces you don't even know exist. These places can be hard to get at. And, this is a lot more hassle than just keeping them out in the first place. This translates into money lost, when you're battling with pests.

Reactive pest control also means that you and your family are dealing with the repercussions of an infestation. Your house is being damaged by wood eating termites or wire chewing rodents. Your family is fighting illness from cockroaches. You're living with the bugs stinging or biting you. And, if the infestation is bad enough, you'll have to be displaced, while the problem is being fixed.

Don't fight them on your territory. Push them back, and fight them on their own turf.

Here is how proactive pest control works

Bugs and rodents don't belong in your house, and with modern Integrated Pest Management, they don't have to be. With IPM methods you can learn how pests think, and how to deter them from your property. Through the use of exclusion methods, you can seal your home, and keep pests from squeezing in through rotted holes, or gaps around fixtures and pipes.

These prevention methods, along with regular visits from a professional pest technician, will keep the bugs and rodents out, and discourage them from climbing on your walls or squeezing in through the tiny, little gaps.

If a threat rears its ugly head, like termites or ants encroaching on your foundation walls, it can be dealt with outside your home, instead of inside, where you live. And, you won't have to spend the extra money fighting these pests in your walls. Contact Rottler today to learn more about year round pest control. It's the smart way to fight bugs.

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