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Why Are Cluster Flies Taking Over My Home?

Although fall has not officially arrived, now is the time to learn about cluster flies so that you can be on the lookout for these nuisance pests. Cluster flies are often first noticed as they collect in large numbers on the warm, sunny side of homes and businesses in fall. These flies resemble the ordinary house fly, but are a bit larger, move a lot slower, and are typically found in large numbers – hence their name.    While these flies do not pose any direct health threat to humans, they do become a huge nuisance when they find a way into your home and stay for the long, cold winter months. After all, who wants to spend their winter swatting at a bunch of flies that are buzzing around? They will typically crawl into attics, walls, and crawl spaces to live until the weather becomes warm enough for them to return outdoors. They are known to crawl out of these hiding spaces and congregate on interior walls and windows on warmer days during their winter stay. It is believed that they do this because they think it is spring and time for them to move out. Besides being a pain to deal with when this happens, they can also emit a foul odor and leave excrement stains on walls, windows, and sills.    These flies will enter homes and businesses if they find any breach in your exterior walls, windows, and doorways, or foundation. Exclusion methods should be put into place now to avoid a winter of swatting flies. These methods include:

  • Sealing all cracks, gaps, and holes in your foundation.

  • Repairing or replacing damaged screens on doors and windows.

  • Check utility entrances and fill any holes or gaps that are there.

  • Making sure there are no gaps or cracks around chimneys, vents, and other openings.

  • Repairing damaged roof shingles.

The best way to prevent spending the winter battling cluster flies in your home or business is to partner with Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions now. Our specialists are educated on the habits of cluster flies and are trained to safely apply treatments to keep these bugs from gathering on your building in the first place, and we will also help you to identify areas that cluster flies and other pests can use to gain entrance into your home or business. Identification of these areas is very important because sealing them stops any future invasions before they occur.    Don’t spend your winter allowing cluster flies to drive you crazy; now is the time to prevent them from living in your home or business. Give us a call and let's talk about preventing cluster files and other over-wintering pests today.

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