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Why Ant Problems in Columbia Aren't Going Away On Their Own


Have you seen some ants crawling around in your kitchen? If you have, you may be disappointed to know that those ants are probably not going to go away unless you do something about them. There are many ants that infest our Columbia homes and some of them don't mind living with us at all. If you're seeing active winter ants, here are a few things you should know.

First of all, it is important to examine the ants you're seeing and determine whether they are carpenter ants or not. These big black ants are between 5/8th and 1/2 an inch in length with three body parts and one node between the thorax and abdomen (waist). If you have these ants in your home, not only are they likely to stay, they're likely to damage to the structure of your home. Carpenter ants create galleries in wood to establish their nests.

If you have another type of ant, it's important to understand that the ants you are seeing are attracted to two things more than anything else: They're going to be looking for locations of moisture, and they're going to be looking for food.


Why does it matter to know that ants are drawn to moisture? Because the conditions that allow ants to get into your home should be addressed if you want to stop the cycle of infestation. And moisture is at the heart of the problem. One of the many prevention tips we offer our customers is to reduce moisture. Reducing moisture and humidity in your home can make it less desirable for ants to dwell in, and addressing moisture problems around the outside of your home can make your home more resistant to ant infestation.


Ants are always looking for food. If they're finding it in your home, they're going to continue to be a problem for you. When worker ants find food, they lay down a pheromone scent. As other workers come to feed, they lay down a scent as they bring the food back to their nest. This creates roads that are going to draw more ant traffic.

What to Do About Ants in Columbia

If you're dealing with ants, the best solution is to have a Rottler pest control professional take a look at the problem. Our team uses the most advanced products, technologies, and methods to resolve ant problems and break the cycle of ant infestation. It all starts with a free inspection. Schedule yours today.

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