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the perfect summer lawn starts now

Just outside your doors is an ecosystem. If you are a homeowner, you have claimed a patch of that ecosystem for your own. Your lawn. And just as you want the inside of your home looking nice, you take pride in your lawn being well-kept.

If left to its own devices, the grass would grow tall, weeds would sprout up in a wide assortment, and twigs and other debris would be scattered about. This is the natural state of your lawn. For these issues, it would seem that any lawn care professional can help you out. They'll send people over to pick up those twigs and leaves, trim your grass to the appropriate level, pull weeds from your flower beds, etc. But weeds and twigs are not the only things that will put your lawn at risk.

Nature is filled with bugs and wildlife, and a significant number of those like to eat vegetation. If you want a healthy lawn and beautiful ornamental plants, you need to know how to let those bugs know that your lawn is off limits. This is why a pest control company like Rottler is the right choice for lawn care. Our technicians don't just know what weed control mix to use; they are also familiar with the many pests that damage lawns. When they give your lawn, trees and shrubs the nutrients they need to thrive; they also give them the protection they need to keep insects and grubs from destroying them.

Here are some other things your Rottler Lawn care technician can do for your lawn:

  • Treat early in the season to help prevent weeds from showing up.

  • Maintain your lawn throughout the season to eliminate any weeds that might pop up.

  • Add fertilizer to your lawn as needed to keep it healthy.

  • Help with grub and surface insect control.

  • Apply overseeding when it is necessary.

  • Apply aeration to allow your soil to breathe.

  • Winterize your lawn and foliage to help it hold nutrients through the winter.

Right now, our technicians are focusing on aeration and overseeding because this is the perfect time of year to heal lawns in the St. Louis area that have been damaged by insects, disease, drought and foot traffic. When the weather breaks, our technicians will switch over to protecting lawns with winterization.

It takes a lot more than the ability to cut grass and lay down fertilizer to make a lawn green and vibrant. Let your Rottler Lawn Care inspector show you what comprehensive lawn care services look like and help you stay in control of your lawn.

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