Bed bugs can very easily invade your home, if given half the chance. They attach themselves to your clothing and your belongings while you are out in public and then they return home with you, looking for a meal. These frustrating pests are nocturnal, which means they hide during the daytime and then come out at night to feed on your blood. Here are a few helpful tips from the professionals of pest control in St. Louis to help you locate a bed bug infestation inside your bed room.


Bed bugs are known for hiding not just on or near the bed in both homes and commercial lodgings, but you can also find bed bugs in these locations:


  • Under the mattress and inside the box spring; bed bugs want to be near you so they have easy access to you at nighttime.

  • Inside bedside tables and in areas near the bed, including inside alarm clocks, near light shades, under rugs on the floor and around the head or foot board of the bed.

  • Behind electrical outlets on the wall

  • Behind picture frames hanging on the wall

  • In closets

  • In folds, seams and pockets of hand bags, luggage, purses, briefcases, etc.

  • Along the floor where the carpet meets the wall


Bed bugs aren’t known for spreading any diseases, but having them inside your home can cause stress and anxiety. Because these pests feed on you at night, you may worry about going to bed at night and not feel safe in your own home. And because bed bugs don’t care whether you have a clean or dirty home, simple sanitation won’t remove these pests from your residence. The best way to avoid an infestation of bed bugs is to know what they look like and keep in mind that you can pick them up virtually anywhere. Look for signs of bed bugs that include reddish brown spots on or around bedding or furniture and shed bed bug skins. Knowing how to recognize an infestation of bed bugs is the best way to avoid bringing them home with you.


If you have seen bed bug bites on your skin or have seen other signs of bed bugs in your home but still have not located an infestation, that’s when it’s time to call in the professionals for a bed bug inspection. At Rottler, our professionals know where to look for these pests and can locate even the most hard to find bed bug infestation. The pros at Rottler can also deliver a bed bug heat treatment to destroy these pests as well as their eggs. For a bed bug treatment that you can trust, give Rottler in St. Louis a call today!


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