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Carpenter Ant In St. Louis

They are coming from cracks in the home and they are not showing signs of stopping. Any cookie crumb, sugar granule or splat of grease is free game when it comes to these small but hungry pests. They march in lines and their trails seem endless. Any idea what pest we are talking about here? If you guessed ants then you are right!


We have been getting a lot of calls from homeowners wondering why all of sudden they are finding ants in the kitchen and asking where have they been hiding all winter? With spring being the time of year that many people begin to see ants again, our team of St. Louis pest professionals at Rottler are here to help answer your question of where ants (like odorous house ants and carpenter ants) go in the winter.



  • Some ants go deep into the ground below the frost level

  • Carpenter ants will carve galleries into wood and stay put for the winter

  • Other species will form nests inside of the home which may or may not contain active ants


If you do find some ant activity during the winter then you likely have a satellite ant colony. This means that there is an ant infestation in your home, however there is no queen living in a satellite colony which means the ants will not be continuously reproducing. But in many cases, there is little to no ant activity inside of homes during the cold winters in Missouri.


And then the spring comes.


Residents in St. Louis and surrounding Mid-Missouri communities are beginning to see a lot of ants in their homes and around their properties. Now that the weather is conducive to foraging for food and reproducing, ants will resume their pre-winter activities. But if you are concerned that your home has become infested with ants and you are not able to control the matter, please contact us today at Rottler!


Our team of pest professionals can locate and eradicate the ants at their source, meaning they will destroy the ant colony. This will eliminate foraging ants and allow you to have peace of mind that your kitchen will not be full of marching ants in the morning. So to learn more about ant control in St. Louis, give us a yell!



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