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Where Are The Bed Bugs Hiding?


Bed bugs don't just live in your mattress. They can be in any number of places. Knowing where they live can help you safeguard your home and your family from these blood-sucking insects.

  1. The most popular places for bed bugs to hide are hotels, motels, and resort complexes. Despite what you've heard, bed bugs care none about tripadvisor reviews or star ratings. They are more than happy to vacation anywhere from 1-star to even the most expensive 5-star accommodations. Why do you need to know this? Because these bugs are famous hitchhikers. When you stay anywhere, you should always keep your guard up and inspect your room.
  2. Bed bugs love college dorms. When students come in from all over the world, they have the potential to bring these bugs with them. In a dormitory environment, bed bugs will thrive and when the students head home for break, the bed bugs have no problem moving in with them.
  3. Bed bugs often hitch rides on public transportation. Trains, buses, taxi cabs, airplanes, and more. You won't generally find infestations in these places. However, all it takes is a single bed bug or egg crawling onto your bags or clothing to infest your entire home.
  4. Bed bugs can also be found in movie theaters. They administer an anticoagulant when they draw blood from humans. This makes their bites almost painless. A Hollywood, Florida couple learned this the hard way after visiting a movie theater in Oakwood. They were puzzled when their doctor told them that the red bumps they discovered after visiting the theaters were actually bed bug bites. It is true. Bed bugs don't just bite you while you're in bed.
  5. Bed bugs can catch you on an airplane rides. Zane Zelkirk details her experience of being "devoured by bedbugs" on British Airways flight #282. You can find it here.
  6. Bed bugs can be in residential homes. Yours, your neighbor's, your relative's, or friend's. When you visit, or they come to visit, it is always good to make a quick check for bed bugs. Check all mattresses for black sticky residue on seams or corners. Inspect sheets and pillowcases for tiny dried blood stains. Search for tiny brown seed-like bugs in between the sheets, on the backboards, and on any upholstered furniture in the room. And, of course, keep an eye out for bites that run in a line or cluster.

Protect your home or business by partnering with a pest control company that can perform professional bed bug inspections. It is better to catch these bugs early. If you live in Missouri, let Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions protect you with their K-9 bed bug inspection services. With K-9 Inspections, those bed bugs won't have a chance to build their populations and hurt your reputation. Sign up for inspections, starting today.

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