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Mosquitoes are bad news. Though there are billions of them in the world and only a fraction of those billions can spread diseases to you, your family or your pets, the chance exists, and some of those diseases could have serious implications. It is wise to do what you can to reduce the risk. Now is as good a time as any to do something about those mosquitoes, even though it is winter in Springfield. Right now, there could be thousands of mosquitoes waiting in your yard to become spring pests. Here are a few ways you can keep those mosquitoes from ruining your spring and making you sick.

Early Prevention for Springfield Mosquitoes

  • Containers. Mosquitoes lay eggs in still, stagnant water. If you have any containers around your home, it is vital to empty them out or remove them. When you do, you reduce the mosquitoes in your yard. Since most mosquitoes don't travel more than a few hundred yards in their entire life, removing mosquitoes near your home can have a significant impact.
    Puddles. If any conditions exist on your property that allow rainwater to collect, it is important to address them. Mosquitoes love laying eggs in puddles.
  • Gutters. One of the most important features of your home is the gutter system. It protects your home from water damage. Those gutters also channel water away from your foundation perimeter and make the soil around your home dryer. When it comes to preventing mosquitoes, dryness is important. Mosquitoes thrive in damp areas and high humidity. And damaged or obstructed gutters can create puddles, which we've already discussed.
  • Trimming. If you ask any landscaper they'll tell you, now is a great time to trim shrubs, bushes, and trees in your yard. If you ask any pest control professional, trimming shrubs, bushes, and trees is a great way to control moisture. It removes branches and allows the sun to dry the soil around your home. It also increases airflow next to your home, which promotes dryness as well.

Now is the time to start getting ready for spring mosquitoes. And, as spring approaches, consider investing in seasonal mosquito treatments. When you have routine treatments applied to your Springfield yard, you have an impact on the population of mosquitoes that will come in from your neighbor's yard. Mosquito abatement can have wide-reaching effects on a neighborhood.

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