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In our Chesterfield service area, we start to see mosquitoes become active around the end of March or beginning of April, but this isn't necessarily the beginning of mosquito season. Mosquitoes don't go by a clock, they respond to temperature. Mosquitoes require a consistent temperature of 50°F in order to hatch from their eggs. Therefore, the beginning of mosquito season fluctuates depending upon prevailing temperatures. One thing we know for sure, however, is it won't be long till we're swatting at those frustrating insects as we trying to enjoy a cheeseburger in our backyards. And it won't be long till we have to start worrying about mosquito-borne pathogens like Zika, West Nile, and dengue. So now is the time to start thinking about mosquito prevention.

3 Things To Help Prevent Mosquito Bites In Your Chesterfield Yard

  • Reduce mosquito breeding locations in your yard. Look for leaking spigots, obstructed gutters, leaking hoses, objects that hold rainwater, and compacted soil. It only takes a half cup of water to provide mosquitoes a place to lay their eggs. By removing and modifying areas of still water, you can have an impact on how many mosquitoes are in your yard. A typical mosquito only travels 300 yards in its lifetime. That means most of the mosquitoes that will bite you in your backyard this year will likely hatch in your backyard.

  • Create conditions that reduce wetness. If you have any locations around your home that are shady, it is a good idea to address them. Consider trimming trees, bushes, and shrubs to allow the sun to dry the soil. And consider modifying structures to prevent excessive shade.

  • Invest in mosquito services from a professional pest controller.

Why Mosquito Reduction Works

It can feel like mosquitoes are inevitable, but this is not true. It is also not true that your only course of action is to apply liberal amounts of mosquito repellent on you and your family everytime you want to enjoy your backyard. Mosquito reduction performed by a professional pest control company can make a significant impact on the number of mosquitoes in your yard. It takes advantage of the natural propensity mosquitoes have for hiding from the midday sun to actively reduce mosquitoes on your property and, subsequently, in your neighborhood. Give it a shot and see just how dramatic the difference can be.

For mosquito service in Missouri, reach out to Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. We use advanced methods and products to stop mosquitoes in their tracks. Get your protection in place today.

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