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mice in a st louis home looking for food

Do you have mice or rats? You probably won't know at first, because their soft feet make them stealthier than a ninja. This, along with the fact that rodents are timid, and generally nocturnal creatures, makes them hard to detect. You're usually sleeping, when they're exploring every corner of your house for tasty morsels. The first clue that you have rodents will generally be the damage they caused while foraging. Tony the Tiger doesn't feel so great when there is a hole chewed in his side, and the Frost Flakes are piled next to the box.

You might also find their droppings in the back of a drawer or cabinet. That's pleasant, isn't it? But that not the worst part. The rodent that left those droppings could have been in the dumpster across the road, or the sewer system beneath the street, before he decided to drag his hairy body over your dishes.

If you're fortunate, you'll hear them pounding around in your wall voids. Why do I say fortunate? Because the sooner you realize you have mice and eradicate them, the safer your family will be.

This brings us to the topic of rodent removal. Many homeowners attempt to trap and remove rodents themselves. It seems like the smart thing to do, because you don't want them chewing on your cables and wires, ripping up your insulation and sheetrock, and gnawing holes in your sugar bag. But dealing with this problem yourself has serious ramifications.

Let's say you get a couple, and you clean your cabinets of all the little pellets. Is the threat gone? Have you sealed and protected your home? Do you want to take the chance that rodents may still be crawling over your plates and silverware?

The health issues caused by rodents usually go undetected. Your daughter wakes up with the flu, and you figure it's just the season. Your son has had congestion for three weeks, and you think it is weird, but what can you do? Bacteria and rot can have a number of effects on the human body. It is hard enough keeping your family safe from all the virus out there. Don't allow rodents to complicate matters. Get them removed by a professional, and make sure your home is sealed.

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