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What Spring and Summer Ant Infestations Mean For Kansas City Residents

Ants are incredibly frustrating. When they get into your Kansas home, they can enter by the hundreds or thousands. They can get into your food, climb around in your trash cans, and walk around on your dishes and food-prep surfaces. This can present a health issue for everyone living in your home. But this bacterial threat is nothing compared to the threat DIY products can pose when used or mixed improperly. A better solution is to take steps now to prevent an ant infestation before it takes root. We provide many tips to help you get ready for summer ants but the best solution is investing in residential pest control service. Here's why.   No home is completely sealed. All homes have entry points ants can exploit. So the only real solution for ant control is applications of control products around the foundation perimeter of your home. This barrier treatment works to take down small creatures that do not have the ability to process the control agent. When the right product is applied in the right locations, it can create a shield around your home. Residential pest control service from Rottler comes with this essential perimeter barrier treatment.   Residential pest control service comes with other benefits as well, such as routine inspections, the removal of spider webs and eggs, rodents control, and more. So, while you're guarding your Kansas home against ant infestations, you're reducing your odds of having an infestation from several other pests creatures, some of which can spread severe pathogens to you and your loved ones.   Of all the ants that can invade your Kansas home, carpenter ants are the most destructive. They tunnel galleries in wood and are able to do quite a bit of damage. Routine inspections from a trained professional can help you catch these destructive pests early and stop the damage. That is why it is always best to have a professional deal with carpenter ant infestations.   If you've been considering residential pest control for your home, we'd love the opportunity to assist you in getting the best plan in place. The QualityPro Certified team at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions is nationally recognized as a leader in pest control and our high ratings on social media attest to this drive for excellence. With Rottler, you'll be in good hands. Consider scheduling a free, no-obligation pest inspection to get started. Life is better without pests.

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