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What’s Digging Up My Backyard?

You’ve noticed unsightly mounds in your lawn and uprooted plants, grass and shrubs and are wondering what is at work in your backyard? Well the answer is likely moles. Moles in St. Louis and throughout Mid-Missouri, in their search for worms and other food sources, can be quite destructive and in fact tend to leave behind mole tunnels that disturb backyards. Continue reading as our St. Louis exterminators offer insight into these pests and mole control strategies.


While they are not harmful to people or pets, when it comes to your yard, they are bad news. Very destructive when tunneling, moles will uproot plants and other landscaping as mentioned above, leave behind mounds of dirt that are unsightly looking at best and potential tripping hazards, and may cause erosion (with the help of rain).

At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we offer relief from moles in the form of mole baiting and/or trapping. Baiting as a method of mole control in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri is effective because the bait is placed in the ground where these pests hang out and is the same size, shape and feel as earthworms. In addition to mole baiting, our mole control experts may use traps, which are highly effective in gaining control of moles currently causing trouble. After the initial mole infestation is resolved, we switch to maintenance mode and will continue to monitor your property every other month to make sure new mole activity does not occur. And because we know that you cannot prevent moles from wandering onto your property, our mole control includes unlimited free follow up visits. If you notice new mole activity in between visits, just give us a call and we’ll come right out to re-treat!

If you are tired of moles digging up the backyard, simply give us a call to learn more about our St. Louis mole control services or click here to request your free mole analysis.

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