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They say that sometimes ignorance is bliss. When it comes to bugs in your lawn, we tend to agree. There are lots of different kinds of pests that can invade your lawn. Some are beneficial and some, well, not so much…


The good news about the bugs that live in your yard.

  • Most of those bugs are harmless. They have no interest in you. They eat vegetation, root systems, nectar, fruit and other bugs.
  • Most of those bugs live in the soil. Unless you start excavating your yard for a landscaping project, you'll never see the majority of the bugs that make your yard their home.
  • Some of those bugs help you. If you want a healthy lawn, it is good to have beetles, worms and other critters wiggling around in it. They help to aerate the soil. And, stinging insects that pass through will pollinate your flowers and ornamentals.


The bad news about the bugs that live in your yard.

  • Some of the bugs in your yard have come to feed on you. Additionally, some of them can be just as stealthy as the bugs that live in your soil. These pests can bite you causing itching, redness or worse.
  • Ticks and fleas. These parasitic pests require a host. They hitch a ride on wild animals and drop eggs on your property. When you walk through your grass, adults that have hatched from their eggs cling or jump onto you as you pass by. It is even worse if you have a pet that roams your yard frequently and has a beautiful fur coat for these bugs to hide in. These pests can end up inside of your home, causing even more trouble than you can imagine.
  • Mosquitoes. This pest lays its eggs in moist grass and water sources. If you have a bird bath or some other object that holds water, your yard can become a breeding site for these biters. Mosquitoes don't have to wait for you or your pet to walk through the grass, they're happy to come to you.


Eliminating what lurks in your yard.

Proactive pest control from Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions is the best way to reduce and control these pests in your lawn. Professional tick, flea and mosquito treatments eliminate adult pests lurking in your yard as well as any eggs before they can hatch. Here at Rottler, we can also advise you on what natural measures can be taken to reduce breeding sites on your property.


Fewer pests means fewer bites for you and your pets. Whether you're planning a big 4th of July BBQ or just want to make your backyard enjoyable throughout the summer, look into a home pest control and prevention program from us here at Rottler Pest and Lawn Solution to get rid of those lurking bugs for good.

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