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What Is The Best Way To Ensure A Pest-Free Memorial Day BBQ?


As you get to work planning your fantastic menu, thinking about where you're going to set up the picnic tables and tiki torches, are you also thinking about pest control? You should be. Whether it’s a Memorial Day BBQ or another summertime backyard event, get togethers are always nicer without pests bugging you. Here is a short guide to making all of your celebrations more enjoyable.

Preparation: Tips to prep your lawn for your Memorial Day fun.

  • Tall grass invites many insects to live in your lawn. Keeping grass trimmed and weeds under control will go a long way in keeping pests away.

  • Standing water is a breeding site for many insects, including mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Fill in areas and remove lawn clutter that could collect water.

  • Clogged gutters are another breeding site for mosquitoes. Clean those gutters and dry out puddles that have formed near your basement walls.

  • Before any backyard gathering, it is a good idea to do a search for wasp, bee and yellow jacket nests.

  • Exterior lighting and the light from windows can attract many pests as the sun goes down. Consider keeping lights off and curtains drawn while you are outside. If you're concerned about home safety, try replacing your exterior white bulbs with yellow insect-resistant bulbs.

  • Cover pools and hot tubs if you aren’t using them.

If you find things that are concerning to you, consider having a professional treat on your lawn, bushes and ornamentals. This will help eliminate adult mosquitoes and their egg sacks, as well as eliminate ticks and fleas from your lawn.

Protection: Tips you can use during your Memorial Day fun.

  • You probably know that wind keeps mosquitoes and other biting insects away, but do you know that you can create that wind yourself? A few well-placed fans will not only keep you cool, they go a long way in protecting you from unpleasant bites.

  • When considering bug protection, many of us turn to the bug zapper. But that bug zapper is a whole lot better at luring pests onto your property than it is at keeping them from bothering you, especially when it comes to mosquitoes. One study showed that 95% of the mosquitoes found in backyard bug zappers were male, non-biting, mosquitoes. As it turns out, the females are more interested in landing on warm-blooded animals than they are in investigating that pretty light. So, get rid of the zapper and consider putting up sticky insect strips and citronella candles in strategic locations.

  • Avoid being outside during dawn and dusk hours as this is when you will see the majority of biting insect activity, especially mosquitoes.

  • Keep all food covered in tightly sealed containers to deter wasps, ants and other insects from joining your party.

  • Avoid wearing lotions or perfumes when outside and use an insect repellent that includes DEET to make yourself less appealing.

Memorial Day BBQs are always more fun without biting and stinging insects. You can't get rid of them all, but you can certainly reduce their numbers and drive them back. All it takes is a little prep. If after your best efforts, backyard pests are still a problem, you can always call us! Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions professionals are ready to help with effective pest control services that will help reduce the pests that could ruin your backyard fun.

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