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What Causes an Increase in Mole Problems?

There are a lot of misconceptions about moles. Knowing more about this critter can help you recognize a problem and prepare.

Some people think that moles are only a spring and summer issue, but that is not the case. While it would be nice to have a break in the winter, moles can be a problem any time of year. The change in the weather can actually increase moles on your property. Any change in a moles habitat can force it to try to find another one, and that new home could be in your yard. Anytime their food source is changed or compromised, they look for a new place to dine.

Another reason why moles move into residential areas is that it’s easy for them. There aren’t usually things to deter them. Fences are no hurdle for these pests! And the same measures you take to control normal insects and rodents won't work on them. They can quickly take over an area once they have moved in. A problem could start in your neighbor’s yard and leave you powerless to stop it from moving further.

Your beautifully landscaped yard is also inviting to moles. Watering often increases the number of worms and insects on your property. Those worms and insects are a mole's food of choice. When you have a mole problem, you can almost guarantee that gorgeous yard you’ve worked so hard to irrigate and fertilize could become a disaster filled with dry, dead spots.

Moles are one pest where it is better to hire a professional to help with control. When it comes to prevention and elimination, trapping is one of the most effective forms of treatment. If you try to trap moles on your own, you could waste a lot of time and money with no results. On top of that, what do you plan to do with a mole if you catch it? The pros know where and how to place traps will get the best results and they can also help you make your property less appealing to moles, no matter what time of year. Contact Rottler to schedule an inspection or for more information on how to control moles on your property!

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