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mouse found in a wall void

Are you hearing noises? This is the time of year when it happens a lot. Mice and other rodents don't hibernate during winter months. That means they can chew their way into your home at any time; and when temperatures dip and food sources become scarce, it is much more likely. Here are a few things you should know about invading mice.

Signs of mice:

  • Droppings. Seeing droppings is an indication that you have a mouse infestation. Even if you never see an actual mouse, droppings are a sure sign that they are present. And, since they multiply quickly, the problem could easily get out of hand if left unchecked.

  • Holes or tears in cloth. Mice use these materials to build nests. Shredded materials in dark, seldom used areas are another sign you have mice.

  • Small holes in drawers or cabinets. Mice chew holes to get in and out of these places.

  • Noises in the walls. Usually this occurs at night, as mice are nocturnal.Greasy spots along baseboards or corners. Mice tend to use the same routes and the grease on their fur sometimes leaves a mark.

Dangers of mice:

Although you may think these little critters are only a nuisance that can cause you to lose sleep, they pose other hazards.

  • Mice can carry diseases. Mice and rats are known to spread more than 35 diseases. These diseases can be spread to humans directly through handling of live or dead rodents; through contact with rodent feces, urine, or saliva; and through rodent bites. Diseases carried by rodents can also be spread to humans indirectly through fleas, ticks, or mites that have fed on an infected rodent.

  • Mice can cause damage to structures. Not only do these creatures chew holes in wood, they also tend to chew on wires. This can result in a fire breaking out. They also tend to damage stored items either by chewing or by leaving urine and feces there.

  • Mice like to get into food items. They chew into cardboard, paper, or plastic wrapping and can potentially contaminate anything they come in contact with.

  • Pets can cause damage by trying to get at mice in the walls. Sometimes a dog or cat will hear mice in the walls and will dig at the area, thus causing damage.

What to do to get rid of mice:

When it comes to mice control in the St. Louis area, Rottler is the right choice. As the largest family-owned pest control company in Missouri, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions offers a FREE home inspection and superior pest-control services. If you've had it with noises in your walls and dirty mice crawling around your home at night, let the mice experts here at Rottler help you with that. Winter is better without mice.

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