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Wet Weather

The weather in St. Louis has been hot and wet, and entomologists warn that these conditions can bring more brown recluse spiders into homes.

Jay Everitt, technical director here at Rottler, expects to find up to 70 or 80 spiders a week on the glue boards we use to catch these spiders.

Doctors in emergency rooms treat hundreds of patients for brown recluse bites during July, August, and September. For some people bitten by a brown recluse spider there can be little to no reaction, but for the remainder, a brown recluse bite can be serious--causing necrotic lesions that rot a large crater of flesh under the bite. This is not a spider you want roaming your home.

The good news is, these spiders are reclusive, as the name suggests. You will not generally find them in areas of the home that are used often. The bad news is, excessively hot temperatures can force these spiders from their hiding places in your attic, down into the rest of the home.


The brown recluse spider has rusty brown skin and is about the size of a quarter. It is most easily recognized by the violin-shaped mark on its back. This spider doesn't make the beautiful cobwebs you remember from Charlotte's web. Their webs are a tangled mess and can be found in corners by the floor.

Bite Prevention

Though there can be quite a bit of hysteria surrounding the brown recluse, it has no interest in hunting you. You are most likely to get a bite when you bring yourself into contact with one of these spiders. Here are a few ways you can prevent this from happening.

  • Check between your sheets before you slide into bed.

  • Shake your shoes before you slide your feet into them.

  • Shake out clothing before you put it on, especially if it has been lying on the bed or over a chair.

  • Be careful when picking up a damp towel from the floor. If possible, refrain from leaving wet towels and clothing on the floor at all.

  • If you get a box from the attic or basement, be cautious when opening it.

  • Look before you sit. The last thing you want to do is share a seat with a brown recluse spider.

The single best way to protect your home from this poisonous spider is to have year-round pest control with our Signature Pest Protection Plan for your St. Louis home. Give us a call at Rottler and set up a free inspection. When wet weather comes, so do brown recluse. Stay safe with Rottler.


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