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Wentzville Residents Fed Up With Moles

Are you the kind of person who takes pride in your lawn? Do you love spending time and energy working outside to trim bushes, weed flower beds, and make perfect lawnmower lines on your grass? Do you love to sit back and admire all that hard work? What happens when something ruins that beautiful lawn you've worked so hard on? Does it make your blood boil? Today, we're going to talk about one of those things that can destroy all that hard work, namely those pesky little, lawn-destroying moles.


How Moles Cause Big Problems for Lawns and Landscapes

Usually, the way you will know you have moles is you will see the evidence they leave behind. But if you do happen to see one, you will notice that they are dark brown or gray in color and are around 7 inches long. They have tiny eyes, long noses, smiling mouths and oversized paws with large white fingers. Attached to those fingers are long, sharp, scary-looking claws which are used to dig tunnels in yards.

When moles tunnel, they leave behind round, symmetrical mounds which look like tiny volcanoes. They can also create raised, zigzag lines of dirt throughout a property--not something you want appearing on your hard-earned lawn. Sometimes these lines of earth will appear along walkways or other borders. Moles also do damage to trees and ornamentals when they chew on them. And, if they do enough chewing, death can occur to the plant. Moles can carry parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites, which can be transferred to pets or people. And, moles are capable of carrying the rabies virus. All of these are reasons to not want moles hanging around in your yard.

Mole Prevention Tips

Install underground fences around gardens or other areas. Make sure they are at least 24 inches under the ground. Dig a gravel pit around the area you want to keep moles out of. Gravel is too difficult for moles to dig through. They are likely to turn around and go the other way if faced with at least one foot of gravel in their path. Reduce mole food sources. Keeping your lawn as dry as possible may reduce worms and insects (however, this could be counterproductive to having a beautiful lawn.) Contact a professional pest control company.

If you don't want your efforts of having a beautiful lawn going to the moles, it may be time to partner with a pest control company. Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions knows how to eliminate yard pests from landscapes, as well as help you make your turfgrass beautiful. Reach out to us today. We are standing by to help

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