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Watch Out For Animals in the Attic During Spring Cleaning


It won’t be long now before spring arrives here in St. Louis and Missouri and you know what that means- time to clean! Yes, spring cleaning is a must and really gives you a chance to haul out the clutter, sort through clothing, scrub like there’s no tomorrow and really get organized. If you’re really ambitious, you may be thinking of attacking the attic but before you do, a word of caution. Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions has seen many cases of unsuspecting homeowners encountering animals in the attic.

Raccoonssquirrels and other wildlife are all pretty good at finding themselves a nice warm winter haven. And if there was a crack in the siding, a loose vent, or other opening on the exterior of your home when it got cold outside, they surely took advantage. Right now your attic could be housing animals, and even worse, their babies! Spring is the time for new life and fresh starts but an infestation of wildlife in your attic is not what we call a fresh start.

We recommend taking a gander in the attic of your home to make sure that there are no critters. But don’t worry, if you do find wildlife or other pests lounging in the attic, simply contact the St. Louis wildlife removal pros at Rottler. Since many pests are considered dangerous and can be very tricky to get rid of, it is always advised to leave animal removal in St. Louis to the trained professionals. Not to mention, you may need some help repairing walls, floors and insulation after pests have had a go at them.

For the future, we also recommend organizing your attic. We know, what’s the point of a storage space that is so neat? Well, it is still useful to store clothing, books and other belongings that you are not currently using. But instead of old, broken down cardboard boxes, store your belongings in plastic totes that have tight closing lids. Not only will that ensure those items protected from pest damage (shredding, chewing, urine and feces), mold and mildew, they will stack neatly into the attic leaving you less worry of pests hiding out in the clutter.

If you’ve discovered a raccoon in the attic, have heard noises coming from that particular area or if you just want to make sure that your attic is sealed off correctly, please contact Rottler today. From raccoons, to squirrels, to rodents and more, we will make sure that your attic and home are not threatened by the damaging effects of pest infestations.

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