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yard in st louis with dead, brown grass

On a hot summer day, we all search out ways to cool ourselves down. Heading for the nearest air conditioning unit is one way to cool down, along with ice cream cones, ice water and taking a dip in the pool. But what can your lawn do to achieve some relief from the torture of a hot summer day? Not a whole lot! And that’s a shame too, because extreme heat can have a damaging effect to your lush lawn. Grass can become wilted and dry and lose its bounce after many days with high temperatures. The lawn experts at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions think that now would be a good time to discuss a few ways in which you can help save your lawn from the heat.

Watering and maintenance are the two most important aspects when it comes to keeping a lush lawn even through a heat wave. Even if you don’t have a green thumb or a whole lot of experience with gardening or landscaping, you can still take control of the health of your lawn this summer. Here’s what you can do on your own to keep your lawn lush, healthy and strong:

  • Make sure to water your lawn more regularly through periods of extreme heat and no rain. You may need to water 5 or more times in a week with temps above 95 and no rain.

  • On the contrary, do not overwater your lawn. Make sure that if there is rain you subtract those days from your watering days. Consider it a break when the rain comes!

  • Water the lawn (or have your irrigation system set to water) in the early morning hours. Your grass will be able to soak up the water most efficiently before the blazing sun comes to shine.

  • Keep your grass cut to about 2 or 3 inches tall. This is the perfect height for water to reach deep down to the roots of the grass.

Keeping your lawn healthy all summer long despite the heat can keep it from dying on you during droughts and dryer weather. Take good care of your lawn all year and you’ll be sure to be the envy of the neighborhood!

If you don’t have time to take care of your lawn, or it’s just not your thing, let the professionals help! Lawn maintenance is often high maintenance. For all of your lawn care questions and concerns, give us a call.


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