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Warmer Temperatures Increase Mole Activity in St. Louis


The winter is certainly not over in St. Louis but the recent increase in temperatures across Mid-Missouri sure have made it feel that way. With temperatures in the 50s and 60s, it is not just humans who are enjoying the brief break in the winter. This recent warm spell has caused a spike in mole activity and homeowners sure are seeing the damaging effects.

Moles are a small mammal that while not often seen during the winter, will find their way to the surface when there is a spike in the temperatures. Moles are notorious for their tunneling and digging to find worms which destroys the grass, trees and shrubs on people’s property. And moles do not take their time in their tunneling efforts. They can dig over 18 feet in just an hour which is not good news for those lawns that they do find.

So, have you recently found uprooted shrubs, raised grass and other damages on your property in St. Louis, Jefferson City or surrounding Mid-Missouri areas? While you may not have seen the mole, these are signs that they are active under the ground. It is important that you contact Rottler to put a stop to mole activity quickly so that your grass and landscape do not suffer extensive damages.

Our mole control program includes the use of a bait that is scientifically proven to eliminate moles. And in some cases we may also use traps in conjunction with the bait systems in order to really put a stop to moles and their digging. Our mole control services come with a year round protection plan including maintenance visits to be sure that moles have not been re-introduced on your property.

While the weather may not stay warm for long and moles may not be a problem for the entire winter season, it is important that if you are seeing signs of moles now that you have the problem eradicated. As if the harsh frost, ice and snow are not enough for your lawn to take through the cold months of the year, moles are taking advantage of any warm streaks. Contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions today to stop moles in their tracks! 

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