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Trying To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Own?


If you see an ant or two in the kitchen, you are probably thinking no big deal… You reach for a spray bottle under the sink and then wipe them away. However, as time goes on, you keep on noticing more and more ants in the kitchen foraging for food crumbs that you left behind. If this sounds like you, it is likely that you have an infestation and unfortunately, Do-It-Yourself ant control is not best way to get rid of ants. In fact, our St. Louis exterminators find that many methods that homeowners have tried can actually make the problem worse.

Spraying household cleaners, using store bought “ant sprays” and setting out “bait traps” are common methods of DIY ant control. Although they are all slightly different, none of them seem to be successful in getting rid of ants once and for all. The main reason is because in order to eliminate ants, you need to eliminate the colony. And since ants are social insects with colonies containing up to hundreds of thousands of workers and sometimes multiple egg laying queens, DIY methods will simply not keep up with the number of ants you may have. Additionally, you may be able to eliminate the ones you see but what about the ones you don’t?

Most species of ants in St. Louis, like pavement ants and odorous house ants, are considered merely a nuisance pest. This means that they pose no major threat to your health and safety but they can still be quite annoying! And when they get into the food in our kitchen, it can be a less-than-appetizing sight.

In addition to nuisance ants like pavement ants and odorous house ants, St. Louis is also home to carpenter ants. These ant colonies can pose more of a threat because their favored location is inside of wood structures. Carpenter ants carve galleries into wood (usually moist and decaying wood) in order to make nests which can cause serious structural damage to your home. In some cases, carpenter ant damage can be as severe as termites so they are definitely not a pest you want lingering around!

So, instead of reaching for a bottle of spray that could possibly make the problem worse, reach for the phone and give us a call! Our St. Louis pest control pros will be able to quickly and effectively formulate a plan to get rid of the ants you are seeing now AND will help keep ants and other pests out in the future! Our home pest control is the recommended choice for homeowners suffering from ant problems in St. Louis, Columbia, and surrounding Mid-Missouri and western Illinois communities. Call us today to learn more!

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