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how to prevent ants in st louis kitchens

Do you know anyone who has already seen ants in the kitchen?! Of course, they do tend to start showing up in the spring, but some are already finding evidence of these pests. And no one wants to invite them into their home and support their large ant families. Preventing ants is the key as well as knowing how to deal with them once they show up.


Your first step should be to identify what kind of ant you are dealing with. There are several species that are found in the St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas. More often than not, the ant you will find in your kitchen or bathroom are more of a nuisance than anything else. Identification is important though, because carpenter ants can be a little more than a nuisance as they tend to burrow into wood for nesting purposes, they can hollow out galleries throughout a structure and can cause significant damage.


The little black ants can come into your kitchen a variety of ways. And because of their size, it may be hard to track down the entrance point. There are some basic steps to preventing their appearance; they fall into two categories – cleaning and keeping food sources contained and blocking their entrance altogether.


Areas to concentrate on blocking their entrance:


  1. Check your windows for torn screens or broken glass. Make any repairs or replacements that are needed so tiny ants can’t get inside.

  2. Walk along the outside of your house and trim back any vegetation, bushes and trees, that brush up against the house.

  3. After trimming any of the bushes and trees, check the foundation for cracks. These cracks, along with any open gaps or holes need to be sealed. Also, check the seals on your windows and doors for any small openings that need to be sealed.


Reducing the attraction of the ants – food:


  1. Be sure trash is removed from the house often and kept in trash cans with tight fitting lids.

  2. Be sure to store all open food in containers with tight fitting lids.

  3. Keep the kitchen surfaces clean of all the debris and small bits of food and crumbs.

  4. Keeping up with dirty dishes will help too. Try not to ever leave dirty dishes overnight in the sink.

  5. When cleaning the kitchen counters, pull out all your small appliances and clean them off. Lightly tapping them to dislodge any small pieces from the inner workings.


If you are annoyed by the ants trying to take over your home, give us a call to sign up for a program that will not only get rid of the ants you are seeing now but also prevent future ants from getting into your home.

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