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Spring Cleaning List For St. Louis Residents

With the official start to spring a couple weeks away, we are sure that you have thought about spring-cleaning both inside and out. Not only will spring-cleaning help to create a more productive and clutter free space, but you will also be preventing future pest infestations. You see, as the weather gets warmer, many pests who were not active through the winter are going to wake up and this could mean pest problems for you.


So to help avoid ant infestations, termites, rodents, wildlife and pretty much any other pests that are back for the warm weather, here are some spring-cleaning and pest prevention tips for those in St. Louis and surrounding Mid-Missouri areas.


  1. Cut back branches, shrubs or bushes that are touching the sides of yourhome as this creates a bridge for insects to get closer.

  2. Remove sticks and branches from the property and be sure firewood is stored up off the ground and away from the side of the home to prevent wood destroying pests.

  3. Replace any window screens that are broken or torn. Even a tiny tear in the screen will be big enough for some critters to crawl through.

  4. Clean in and around kitchen appliances so that you remove any built up food debris that will eventually attract pests inside. Also make sure to wipe up crumbs and spills right away.

  5. Take a trip to the attic, garage and basement for a little de-cluttering. Get rid of piles of papers, boxes and items that are no longer used. Remember, clutter is a great hiding place for pests

  6. Sign up for Rottler’s home pest control services to keep pests out this spring and all year round.


While it may not be hot outside just yet, the warm weather and warm weather pests are on their way! Be proactive in your pest control endeavors this year so that you can avoid having to deal with pests and their efforts to get inside of your home and cause problems. Not only are pest infestations hard to get rid of, many of them including rodents, wildlife and termites are dangerous because of their ability to cause structural damages, spread illness, and more.


Contact Rottler for more information on spring pest control in St. Louis, Columbia, and surrounding areas in Mid-Missouri. Our team of St. Louis pest control professionals are ready to get rid of the pest at hand and help you to prevent future infestations. So in preparation for the spring season, it’s time to get cleaning!

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