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Three Ways You Can Prevent A Termite Problem In St. Louis


Termites are wood destroying pests that are experts at invading homes and properties in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri.  Their ability to remain unseen and unnoticed for months or even years makes it very important for you to take precautions around your property to protect it from foraging termites.  Here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, our St. Louis pest control specialists know quite a bit about this intrusive insect and know that in order to prevent termites from infesting, you must eliminate moisture, reduce wood to soil contact and correct other conditions that could attract these pesky critters.

Eliminate moisture

One of the best ways to prevent termites is to minimize the amount of moisture that builds up in and around your home.  Termites are attracted to wood that is decaying or has had moisture damage, along with moist soil.   Repairing any leaking pipes or appliances and making sure that your home’s ventilation is working as well as eliminating moisture by running a dehumidifier in areas prone to problems are all great ways to deter termites inside.  Outside, you should make sure that your home’s gutters are diverting water away from the foundation and not allowing water to accumulate near your foundation.  You should also take a look at your lawn and property for areas that are allowing water to pool and correct those issues. 

Avoid wood to soil contact

Termites live in underground colonies and travel through the soil or constructed mud tubes (also known as tunnels) to homes.  By eliminating wood to soil contact, you can make it harder for these destructive pests to gain entry to your home.  Make sure structures on your property such as decks, sheds and play structures have minimal wood to soil contact by installing a crushed rock perimeter around the exterior of your home.  Place supporting posts or steps of structures on concrete bases rather than touching the ground.  You also need to make sure that wood siding, door and window frames, along with wooden lattice work begins six inches off of the ground.

Take away their food sources

Though they prefer rotting or decaying wood, termites in St. Louis are also attracted to firewood, stored lumber, mulch and other materials that contain cellulose.  You can take your home off the menu by making sure firewood is kept well away from your house and up off the ground. Also, do not store lumber against your home or anywhere that would be easy for these pests to reach.  You also need to be careful with how much mulch you use and make sure that there is a barrier between it and your homes’ foundation, and that you rake out the old rotting mulch from the previous year replacing it with new each spring.  Lastly, inspect your lawn and property and remove leaves, twigs, rotting stumps and other materials that would be attract these pests.

In addition to implementing the termite prevention tips mentioned above, the St. Louis termite control professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions can help. Our Term-Alert™ termite protection system is designed to detect the presence of termites on your property before they are able to gain entry to your home.  If termite activity is ever discovered we will implement the use of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System which involves placing bait stations around your home for the termites to ingest and take back to the rest of the colony allowing for complete elimination of the colony.  If you’d like some help in preventing termites from enjoying your home or if you need help getting rid of termites already active in your home, contact us today for more information on our termite control in St. Louis, Wentzville and throughout Mid-Missouri!

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