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Let St. Louis Holiday Decorators Take Care Of Your Decorating This Year

Ah, the holiday season.  It is often noted as the most wonderful time of the year, and while most of us here in Saint Louis and Missouri agree with that statement, it can leave others frustrated.  Untangling lights, locating boxes of decorations and finding time to set up a great display can seriously interfere with being jolly.

If you are ones of those types that enjoy the process and consider it to be one of the joys of the season, we wish you luck.  For those of you who are already dreading decorating, here are three reasons why you should consider hiring a professional holiday decorating company.

  1. No Hassle.  Simply let your decorator know what your expectations/ideas are and let them design and install a unique holiday display that will have your neighborhood buzzing

  2. Premium Products.  We use only the safest, highest quality lighting and decorations to ensure your property stays shining bright throughout the holiday season.

  3. Convenient Take Down and Storage Service.  Not only will Christmas Décor take down holiday lighting and decorations, we’ll store them at our facilities!

To learn more about our holiday decorating services in St. Louis and Missouri please call 1.877.ROTTLER or simply request an appointment for your free décor plan and estimate online.   

Please note this service is not available in all areas.

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