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It would be nice if we could just plant some grass and mow it every once in awhile to have a beautiful lawn. Sadly, this just isn't enough. Turfgrass in St. Louis needs tender loving care. As we enter into summer, here are a few things the grass in your lawn is going to need in order to be successful through all the conditions summer throws at it.

Your grass requires food to thrive. Throughout the summer, as periods of drought or oversaturation threaten to destroy your lawn, your turfgrass needs to be healthy to stay beautiful and green. Since grass gets much of its nutrition from the soil, you need to be thinking about what your soil is lacking. A soil test can give you the pH balance of your soil and tell you whether it is acidic or high in alkaline. It will also tell you what nutrients your soil is missing.

If your lawn is acidic, you can add lime to drop the acid level. If it is high in alkaline, adding elemental sulfur can bring things back into balance.

Your soil test will let you know what ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium you need. This will guide you toward the right fertilizer for the job. And now it is the perfect time to apply your fertilizer. If you do this yourself, be sure to read the directions carefully. A lot can go wrong when choosing a fertilizer and applying a fertilizer.

Maintaining a lush, beautiful lawn is tricky. That is why many home and business owners invest in lawn care services. A lawn care provider makes sure your lawn gets what it needs in every season. Your lawn specialist will take into consideration fertilizer options, pre-emergent weed control, spot weed control, aeration, overseeding, and other crucial processes that are required to keep your lawn the envy of all your neighbors.

As a pest control company, the lawn care team at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions is also educated and experienced in the control of a wide range of pests. When grubs and other insects try to destroy your St. Louis lawn, our team will be quick to arrest the issues even as they arise. It's a one-two punch that will keep your lawn looking its best, all year long.

To get your lawn ready for summer, contact us today for a free lawn care analysis.

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