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brown recluse spider found in a st louis home

Often found running across walls or hanging from webs are the a well known and frequently feared pest in Missouri. That’s right, we’re talking about spiders. It’s easy to classify spiders into one lump category but there are actually many different species and while some are harmless, others can be harmful to humans. To help homeowners in St. Louis and surrounding areas understand more about the eight legged critters hanging near their home, here is some information on a few of the common spiders found in Missouri.

Wolf spider

A common landscape spider to STL residents is the wolf spider. These critters can range greatly in size from bodies that are ¼ of an inch to 1â…œ of an inch long. They are most noted for their velvety or hairy appearance and one set of their eyes is much larger than the others. Wolf spiders are nocturnal so during the day they are likely found under logs, in leaf litter, or in burrows or crevices around your property.

Bites from wolf spiders are rare but they are said to be painful due to the larger size of their jaws. But even if you are bit, the venom is too mild to cause any threats to your health or reactions of the skin.

Brown recluse spider

A more serious threat to homeowners is the brown recluse spider. This particular species can lead to serious health concerns and some bites, although very rare, prove to be fatal. The brown recluse is generally light brown in color with a violin shaped marking and range in size from ¼ of an inch to â…œ of an inch long. During the night, the brown recluse is out hunting for small prey but during the day, they are generally found in dark, hidden areas. Common places to run into a brown recluse include storage rooms, draperies, and basements or furnace rooms.

The venom of their bites can cause serious reactions such as infection, necrosis of the skin, and even death. Although spider bites are rare and only when the spider feels threatened, they are likely to require medical attention.

Now that you have been well acquainted with a few of the many spiders in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri, it is time to be on the lookout! As the weather begins to cool down spiders will begin to search for warm places to spend the winter.

If your home or property has a lot of spider activity then you will want to call in the St. Louis pest control professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. Our team can safely and effectively reduce the threat of spiders on your property and inside of your home so that you can rest easy knowing that all the eight legged critters are not inside with you. Please contact us today!

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