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image of a bat preparing to attack

There are many creatures living around your home that are content to stay in nature. Only a select few care to live with humans. Of those, here are the top three you don't want shacking up in your house, garage, or shed.


Raccoons are adorable, until your trash can is laying on its side, and garbage is spread all over the lawn. No matter how cuddly, these are scavenger animals, and they love trash and dumpsters. The rot and decay they roll around in, especially in a city, is not something you want in your home. If they get inside your attic or garage, they can make quite a mess: tearing insulation, chewing wood, and leaving their excrement.

These are also wild--and potentially dangerous--animals. If you find them in a confined space, do not approach. Any cornered animal will lash out. And, with wild animals, there is always a chance of rabies. According to the CDC, raccoons continue to be the most frequently reported wildlife species to carry rabies. Rabies signs include: stupor, discharge from eyes, falling down, walking in circles, paralysis in one or both legs, and random aggressiveness. If you see this behavior, be extra careful. But in all cases, call to have the animal safely removed from your property.


Mice and rats love those garbage bins too, but they also love sewers, septic pipes, and leach fields. When they crawl into your house, and slide across the plates in your cabinet, they're not concerned about your well being. These are not domesticated pets, they are wild animals that come and go from your house freely. They will chew through your cereal boxes, and plastic grain bags, just as happily as they will chew through the wires and cables in your wall.

Rodents are also nocturnal. So, while you're sleeping, they're scrambling and knocking around in your wall voids, or attic space--if you're lucky. Why, if you're lucky? Because most homeowners find themselves battling with illness, and don't even know they have rodents living in their house. Rats and mice are timid, and generally quiet. They don't say "quiet as a mouse" for nothing. So, if you missed the dropping in the back of your silverware drawer, be thankful you got a noisy one. At least you know you have rodents, and know to get them removed.


Bats are another potential disease carrier. If they take up residence in your attic, they will have everything covered with their excrement. This is a potential health risk for you and your family, and a nightmare to clean up.

With an attic infestation, you'll typically have bats crawling down into your wall voids. If you're curious what is crawling around in there, thump the wall with your fist. If it gets quiet, you have mice. If the noise increases to a frenzy, you have bats.

How do I get rid of these?

Wildlife removal is not a do-it-yourself project. For the safety of the animals, and the safety of you and your family, call a pest professional. Wildlife belongs in the wild. Find out more today by giving the pros at Rottler a call!

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