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You did it! You finally took that vacation you have always dreamed about, and it was everything you ever dreamed it would be – and more.  You were able to schedule in all of the sights you had previously only seen on the internet.  You ate at the marvelous restaurants and relaxed on the most pristine beaches you have ever seen.  Ahhh... the sunsets and the sunrises you saw and the amazing strolls that you took, the memories will last a lifetime. 
Completely satisfied and completely exhausted, you stumble into the house after a 12-hour flight, drop your bags, and fall into bed.  The time change takes its toll and you wind up spending the next day in a stupor, but you manage to at least begin to unpack and wash your laundry.  You share all of your photos with friends and family and spend weeks talking about your trip-of-a-lifetime!  Then it happens!
You wake up in the middle of the night and realize that you are scratching your arm off!  Well, not really, but man oh man it itches!  Then you notice another itch on your back that you just can’t seem to get at.  Frustrated, you get out of bed and stumble to the bathroom to see if you can tell what is bothering you.  You notice some red puffy bites and wonder where that mosquito came from and where it went.  You apply itch cream and trudge off to bed, but you can’t sleep.  You lay awake waiting to hear that incessant hum of the mosquito, but it never comes.  You eventually drift back to sleep. 
It is several days later when you realize that those infuriating bites didn’t come from a mosquito at all, and it hits you.  You didn’t return from that fabulous vacation alone.  Bed bugs!  These pesky little creatures have decided that your home is a perfect place to set up shop – and you’re the menu!  One call to Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions is all it takes to put relief into motion.
Our professionals from Rottler came to inspect your home, and sure enough, you have bed bugs.  They explain all of the options, and you agree that a heat treatment is the most effective way to quickly eliminate these pests.  Before you know it, your certified specialist has you and your home all ready for the heat and you leave with your family for a day out.  When you return, all of the heaters, fans and sensors are packed up and your home seems perfectly normal.  In fact, it looks the same as when you left that morning – except the bed bugs are gone!  Completely satisfied with the results, you team up with Rottler for year-round pest solutions and never have to worry about pests again!  The End!
Don’t ya just love happy endings!  With Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions the end isn't so happy for pests, but it's always happy for our clients!

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