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Moles and Your Lawns

If your yard has been targeted by moles it can be a very frustrating problem to deal with. This is not something you can repair and move on from. If you were to spend thousands of dollars tilling your yard and re-planting grass seed to remove mole tunneling, you would still be vulnerable to future invasion. The only solution is to monitor and protect your lawn. This takes a skilled and experienced professional.

Hunting Moles

Homeowners that discover tunneling all over their lawn are immediately tempted to take matters into their own hands and start throwing every poisonous concoction they can think of into every tunnel entrance they can find. This has no effect. Moles have a network of tunneling and can easily escape chemicals, fire, water, and anything else you want to throw at them. Hunting for moles is not something you can do with brute force.

A professional pest control company like Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions employs technicians educated and trained in the tracking and removal of moles. These "mole hunters" determine which mole tunnels are fresh and apply baits that moles think are earthworms. When a mole takes the bait it dies underground. If the bait is not taken, the bait will dissolve in the soil presenting no damage to pets or children. Through baiting and trapping, Rottler is able to remove all moles infesting a property and help homeowners get their lawn back to looking healthy and vibrant.


When moles tunnel they leave their scent in those tunnels. This prevents other moles from coming into their territory. When a mole dies, those tunnels lose their scent. This leaves them vulnerable to new mole infestation. This is called recolonization. To prevent this reutilization of old tunneling, Rottler technicians do treatments that simulate the smell moles use to mark their territory, effectively preventing old tunnels from being used by new moles. This requires routine visits throughout the year, but the results are nothing less than spectacular. Light brown and damaged lawns become lush and green, and homeowners have the benefit of a trained pest controller visiting their home on a regular basis. That means other bugs and pests won't have free reign in your yard or home.

Getting mole protection from your St. Louis Mole Hunters just makes sense. Partner with Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions for a healthy lawn and a higher quality of life.

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