Now that the official start of fall has come and gone, it’s likely that many of us here in the Saint Louis area are already preparing our home and property for the cooler weather.  Unfortunately, we are not the only ones preparing for winter.  Many insects in St. Louis and throughout Missouri are also thinking ahead and many, like the multicolored Asian lady beetle, have begun searching for a warm, comfortable place in which to pass the winter.

While you may not recognize the name, chances are you’ve encountered the multicolored Asian lady beetle on many occasions.  More commonly referred to as a ladybug, this insect is famous for having a red body (although they also appear in hues of orange and yellow), white markings and black spots.  And, although ladybugs can be beneficial in the garden, they are considered a nuisance pest for Saint Louis homeowners in the fall especially when they invade in large numbers.  Follow these pest prevention tips if you don’t want to share your home with a crowd of ladybugs this winter:

  • Seal cracks in the foundation

  • Close gaps in siding

  • Caulk any openings around doors and windows

  • Cover vents with screening

  • Replace torn or damaged screens

The best way to discourage this occasional invader from hibernating in your home is to prevent them from entering in the first place.  Unfortunately, despite proactive efforts, ladybugs and other overwintering insects and rodents sometimes gain entry.  When that happens, Missouri residents can rely on Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions to help get rid of the pest problem, no matter how severe.  To learn more about our residential pest control services in Saint Louis and Mid-Missouri, or to schedule your service, please contact the St. Louis pest control experts today!

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