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The Newest Weapon In Man vs. Bed Bug

Here in the St. Louis area, bed bugs have become an increasing problem in recent years. Fortunately, there is a new weapon against these bothersome little pests that have transformed the fight against bed bugs. Dogs! That’s right, these cuddly companions are now good for more than fetching your slippers or the newspaper.

Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions has two unique employees in our ranks. The 2 canine members of our K9 bed bug inspection team are truly worthy of their pay! These amazing dogs can search a single hotel, dorm or hospital room in 3 to 5 minutes. WOW! This can take a human 20 minutes to an hour to accomplish and the accuracy can be significantly less. How can they accomplish this you ask? It’s simple! Dogs have 20 to 40 times the nasal receptor cells than we humans do, and they can detect a scent as light as a few parts per billion! Incredible! These sweet dogs have been trained to detect the smell of bed bugs and have accreditation from the National Entemology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA). Trained similarly to dogs that search for explosives or drugs, these little detectives are more than 90% accurate in sniffing out live bed bugs. They save you time and money in your battle against these itchy little pests.

Bed bug adults are tiny reddish-brown insects that are active mostly at night. The eggs and nymphs are even tinier whitish colored pests that are impossible to see. They feed on human blood so they are commonly found in beds – hence their name; but beds are not the only place that should be inspected. They wander throughout homes, businesses, commercial buildings, cars, RV’s, tractor-trailer trucks – anywhere they can find their favorite meal! And, once they set up shop– these bugs never just leave on their own.

The only real way to tell that you have been invaded by these insects is to notice small blood spots or shed bed bug casings on your sheets and the itchy bug bites similar to mosquito bites on your body. Remember they are very tiny and nocturnal making them extremely difficult to detect. If you notice any sign of these creatures feeding on you or your family, it's time to call the professionals here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions right away. We are family owned and operated and have our special partners in our K9 unit to assist you in detecting these bugs, and the technology to eliminate them. With nearly 60 years of experience and service in our community, we are your trusted partners in the fight against unwanted pests.

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