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pigeon on a building

Have you ever noticed starlings perched on a snowy tree branch or phone line in the middle of the winter? Have you seen a big, fat pigeon standing on a snowy sidewalk in January? Have you caught a group of sparrows congregating on a snow-covered lawn or speckled in the branches of a leafless tree? Has this caused you to wonder, "Why didn't those birds fly south?" Well, the reason many birds migrate south in winter is to find a place where insects are still active. Pest birds, like starlings, pigeons, and sparrows can find food alternatives during the winter months. Surprisingly, several of those food sources come directly from us. We give them bird feed. We feed them french fries. We leave trash exposed for them to peck into and find sustenance. That's why birds can cause many problems for Columbia businesses, even in the winter.

What kind of problems can birds cause?

Birds leave their droppings on sidewalks, ledges, rooflines, and inside the places they roost. This can cause many issues.

  • When left on sidewalks, droppings can become a slipping hazard for customers and employees.
  • When deposited on concrete building materials, statues, and other objects, they can be corrosive. The droppings from birds contain uric acid.
  • When left on benches, chairs, tables, and other objects used by customers, these droppings can cause illness. Bird feces can contain a long list of harmful bacteria because pest birds often feed in dumpsters where there is lots of bacterial contamination.
  • No matter where droppings are left, it is going to be a mess you'll probably have to clean up. If it is your responsibility to keep your property clean, that clean up is going to cost you.
  • When birds get into roosting locations, their droppings can present a serious health threat for anyone who is tasked to clean nests up. Bird droppings can cause histoplasmosis in humans. This is a respiratory disease that can be fatal.
  • If bird feces come into contact with food, it can cause food poisoning to occur.

When birds force their way into roosting sites that are protected from the cold winter wind, they can cause other issues as well. They can damage soffits, contaminate insulation, create unwanted noise, and introduce secondary pests such as ticks into your business.

No business is better with birds. Keep your business bird-free with bird control solutions from Rottler. We'll help you let those birds know that they're not welcome. Reach out to us today for assistance.

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