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If cockroaches are creeping you out, there is a good chance you have been actively seeking a way to get rid of them. In today's modern age of Facebook, blogging, and Google, it's likely you've gotten an eye full of do-it-yourself tips. Some of those tips will seal your walls. Some of those concoctions will kill roaches. And some of them will teach you how to make your home or apartment less attractive to these foraging insects. But the real question is: Are you safe?

After you've cleaned and deep cleaned, after you've built traps and caught roaches by the hundreds, after you've put powdered mixtures all over your kitchen floor and counters, after you've traced down entry points and used a caulking gun to fill those gaps, are you safe?

When you have put all your food into hard plastic containers and made sure that there are no crumbs under the toaster, no grease on the side of the oven, no fruit laying on the counter, and no dishes sitting next to the sink with remnants or juices stuck to them, are you safe?

Here is the honest truth about what you are trying to protect your home against. Cockroaches can climb walls, walk across ceilings, slip through the thinnest of gaps, and even fly. This is an insect that doesn't need to eat for weeks. The CDC connects this insect to the transmission of human-spread disease, asthmatic allergic response, and stomach illness. According to AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) studies show that 78 to 98 percent of urban homes have from 900 to 330,000 cockroaches living in them. If you see two cockroaches, there could be hundreds more living in your walls. If you trap a hundred roaches, you could have thousands.

The single best way to protect your home from cockroaches is to have a pest control company with over 50 years of experience inspect your home, seal your exterior walls, disinfect contaminated air ducts, exterminate current roaches, and safely apply the proper mixture of pesticides to vulnerable areas. Your home can be roach free, but it is a job for a certified professional.

Don't risk poisoning your family with home remedies or start the long process of disposing of roach traps every day, only to wake up and do it again the next day. You can live without roach-related illness and dirty bugs crawling around your home. It only takes a phone call.

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