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The Grass is Always Healthier Without Lawn Pests And Weeds


As St. Louis homeowners begin to work and care for their lawns this spring after a long winter there are many hurdles to be faced. Lawn pests and various weeds can become major problems in lawns and cause headaches for homeowners. Each year the destruction caused by moles as well as the rapid spreading of weeds can leave many ready to throw down the lawn tools and forget about it! However, if you are prepared this spring, these hindrances will be just a tiny bump in the road and your St. Louis lawn will remain the envy of the block!

The lawn care pros at Rottler would like to advise you on how to proceed with your spring lawn care plan of attack. First, here are a few things you should be vigilant for this spring in the Mid-Missouri area:


Spring is the breeding season for lawn rodents such as moles, which means now is the time to protect your lawn from these pests. These lawn rodents will dig tunnels and leave unsightly mounds of dirt and soil on your grass. Their tunnels are capable of killing trees, bushes and shrubs as they uproot the soil and expose the roots. Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop moles from choosing your property to invade so it becomes necessary to protect your lawn with baiting systems. These baiting systems will eliminate moles before they can cause unsightly and costly damages to your St. Louis lawn.


Crabgrass is a summer annual weed that can quickly take over lawns leaving unsightly rough patches. Preventing crabgrass is difficult but there are some things you can do to prevent crabgrass from taking over. Mowing frequently with a higher setting will keep the grass taller and limit the chances of crabgrass thriving. Crabgrass needs sunlight to grow so by shading it with taller grass it will not be able to survive. Also, deep and infrequent watering is better than light, frequent watering. Remember crabgrass will not want to grow in a lawn made up of healthy, dense grass.


Other weeds, such as dandelions, can be prevented in a manner similar to crabgrass. Mowing your lawn often will prevent dandelions from turning into puffy seed balls. Keep the mower set at a higher setting in order to allow the grass to remain taller than the weeds. This act will block the sunlight from the weeds and hopefully kill them off. Since seeds are capable of blowing far in the wind, even if you don’t have a weed problem today, your neighbors’ seeds could land a spot on your lawn tomorrow.

While we don't handle weeds and crabgrass, we do take care of lawn pests like moles. Learn more about our mole control services!

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