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large black and red carpenter ant in saint louis mo

Perhaps you identified the ants in your home from our previous blog on carpenter ants in St. Louis. No matter which species, ants are a tricky pest to control and with colonies containing several thousand worker ants, it is not uncommon that the carpenter ants have snuck past your pest proofing tips and are still causing you trouble. The biggest trouble that comes with carpenter ants in particular is that they do not form their colonies outside in the dirt or soil like many other ants. Carpenter ants form their colonies in wood, which can leave your home subject to structural damages.

Carpenter ants will carve galleries into wood and although they prefer moist, decaying wood, they may still choose to move into the more sound wood structures inside of your home. When it comes to an infestation of carpenter ants, there are some dos and don’ts for getting rid of them.


  • Continue to follow the ant prevention tips from our previous blog to help prevent any future ant problems.

  • Keep an eye on where the ants are emerging, as this could be an indicator of where the colony is located.

  • Inspect the wood on your property, including trees and fallen limbs for any signs of ant activity.

  • Contact your local St. Louis pest control company so that a professional can inspect the area and identify the species of ant and then effectively get rid of the ant colony.


  • Try to rip apart wood objects that are infested with carpenter ants as you will only create further structural damage.

  • Attempt to kill the ants on your own with a store bought spray. Not only are these less effective but they do not get to the source of the ant colony, which means your problem will not go away.

  • Let too much time go by before calling in the professionals in ant control, because you could be risking a lot of money lost in structural damages.

So for all those folks living in St. Louis and other Mid-Missouri areas, if you are threatened by a carpenter ant infestation then contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions today. With effective pest control solutions for the home and commercial pest control solutions for businesses, you can be assured that you will no longer have to worry about the threat of structural damage from carpenter ants.

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