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mole control technician placing trap

You strategically place sprinklers around your property and put them on a timer to come on at just the right times of the day. Your neighbor down the street is out every day carefully watering his lush green lawn. You carefully trim the edges of your yard and mow with precise regularity. Your neighbor follows suit. You spend hard-earned money on mulch and flowers and pretty ornamentals. Your neighbor? The same! It seems like there is no winning this battle--until, one day, he goes on vacation and forgets to water his lawn. It doesn't take long for you to think that maybe you can win this competition. Your neighbor's lawn starts to look a little withered, and a little less green in spots. But, then the unimaginable happens! A mole invades your property. You see the damage he's doing! It's unbelievable. After all of your hard work! But thankfully, the mole has only moved into your backyard.

If you have a mole destroying the grass and plants in your backyard, there may still be time to get rid of him before he can find his way to your front yard, where your neighbor is sure to see. The best way to get rid of a mole, or any other pest for that matter, is to contact a professional pest control company. Here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, not only can we get rid of that mole for you, but we also offer expert lawn care, as our name suggests.

We use a bait that is scientifically proven to get rid of moles. Since the bait is nearly identical to the mole's favorite food (the earthworm), the mole eats it without hesitation. You won't even know the bait is there because it will be hidden underground, but you will see amazing results. If that isn’t enough, no problem. Our team can use traps to remove moles that don't take the bait. Within no time, those moles will be gone and you'll be back on track.

If you're considering tackling your mole problem like you've tackled the complexities of keeping a lawn healthy and green, you may want to think again. Moles are incredibly difficult to get rid of. It is also common for new moles to use the tunnels created by old moles. With Rottler’s ongoing mole service, your lawn is covered year-round. Anytime moles get the idea to invade your space, Rottler will be there to shut them down.

Don't let your neighbor's lawn outshine yours. Stay in the lead with mole control from Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. And, if you ever get tired of doing all the hard work of keeping your yard beautiful, Rottler can help you with that as well.

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