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carpenter bee boring into wood in st louis

The weather is warming up in Saint Louis and Missouri, and so is the buzz of bees. As you spend more time outside you will begin to notice the return of stinging insects such as bees, hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets. Although some are considered beneficial, like the honey bee, there are some species to be concerned about. Of all the common stinging insects, the one you may not be aware of is the carpenter bee. This species of bee is unique in that they create galleries in wood to nest their eggs. The carpenter bee may not cause you any harm; however, if they make it into any wood structures, there could be problems.

Signs of carpenter bees

The female carpenter bees prefer weathered, unpainted wood, so if this exists in your home or on your property, you could be housing carpenter bees. The good news is that carpenter bees are not social insects, so they do not form large colonies. The bad news is that, over time, the galleries become large and could destroy the wood being occupied.

If carpenter bees are nesting in wood in your home or on your property you will notice:

  • Round holes about a half an inch wide in pieces of unfinished, weathered wood. This is the gallery opening and typically galleries run about 4 to 6 inches long, but ones that are reused can be up to 10 feet long.

  • A bee standing guard near the gallery hole. This means the hole is occupied by the female and possibly offspring. The males are the ones who guard the holes, and although they are not capable of stinging, they will be aggressive if a human gets near by buzzing close to your head.

Prevent carpenter bees

  • Apply paint or stain to your wood structures. Even a clear stain is enough to seal the wood so that the female carpenter bee is not able to carve a gallery.

  • Treat any old holes with wood filler and then refinish the wood so that no more carpenter bees can continue to carve in galleries that have already been started.

If you start to notice the buzzing of bees and signs of potential carpenter bee holes, it is important to contact your local Missouri pest control company to help you get rid of these pests. At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, our trained professionals in bee removal will be able to treat each individual hole with the appropriate air and chemical injections to make sure that no more bees are boring into the wood structures of you home. Contact us today to find out how we can keep your home carpenter bee free!

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